My Friends. My Heroes.

20 Jul

Her name is Annie. She’s my Friend.
Yesterday she gave her shoes away. And I stood by and watched.
She hands her shoes to a shoeless child. A perfect fit. Crazy. “I feel so bad,” Annie whispers to me, “these shoes are falling apart.” YOU feel so bad? I’m the one with the gun of conviction on the back of my neck.
Annie left the slums, shoeless. But Annie left the slums a Better Place. For the life of a child was changed.
The heart of pure servanthood in action. She’s my friend, but watching her life has made her My Hero.

Her name is Martha. She’s my Mother.
She fills my Love Tank. Silly wording, I know. But it’s True, True, True.
A late night after Youth Center, I come home. Nicely folded clothes sitting on top of nicely fixed bed. I did neither, Mother did both.
An early morning HBYC meeting, I’m tiptoeing past her bedroom door, I see a faint light and hear her early morning prayers. For her children. For me. Oh Mother.
A handwritten note on my coffee table after a rough day. A phone call a few minutes after leaving home, “I just wanted to say I’m sorry…Will you be alright?” A biography sitting on my desk with a note on top. Oh Mother.
The heart of pure servanthood in action. She’s my mother, but watching her life has made her My Hero. 

Her name is Ervina. She’s my sister. 
And today she bought Ramon noodles.
Because she knew that somewhere along the lines of her Quality Time vs. my Acts of Service, it mattered. Strange, but I cannot even begin to describe how her simple act of buying-ramon-noodles is really a Massive Act of Love.
“I’m sorry they aren’t really good honey,” She says as we eat our ramon-noodle supper on our floor mattresses.
Not really good? Like I care! Oh Erv, don’t you realize it’s not about the food, go get fried worms for me and i’ll be happy for a whole week. 🙂 You donnneee filled my little Acts of Service cup. :]
But, Because I know that she would much rather sit down beside me and talk then go buy us supper, it matters. Oh, it matters.
Boy, i’m having a real hard time articulating this. But basically, she does what she doesn’t always feel like doing in order to bless others. Boy, that still doesn’t put it quite right. But basically, She sees the good in people. She loves me through my faults. She challenges my weaknesses. She reminds me that the world still has good in it, when I’m fed up with it all (which is perhaps quite often). She teaches me to pray. She teaches me tenderness of soul. She displays heroic unselfishness.
The heart of pure servanthood in action. She’s my sister, but watching her life has made her My Hero.

Time would fail me to tell of them all. Of the friend-turned-heroes; Danielle Beiler and my Thailand Missionary heroes, Cathie Gingerich, Abigail Weaver and Hudson Taylor (Ok. Ok. We would have been friends had we been born in the same era) and Ivan & Anna, Joy Smoker, Beth Mast and My Father and Cherie Barkman and so many other heroic lives that inspire my own…

Oh Lord. To be like You! Yup, It’s a pretty exciting life!…
And that is about it for now…

You just so happen to be My Hero too.


One Response to “My Friends. My Heroes.”

  1. Abby July 20, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

    oh claudia.
    you’re MY hero.
    and i love the pictures of you and annie running. 🙂

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